We, KTWELL, are a professional company of automatic welding equipment established based on the knowhow accumulated through years of experience in the welding field.
We develop and manufacture welding machines to reduce the difficulties of all welders in the 3D(Difficulty, Dirty, Dangerous) industry, and to minimize welding costs and to keep high quality welding at the level of high-skilled personnel. We want to help strengthen our competitiveness and strengthen national competitiveness.
Through technology development for the past 15 years, we have obtained a patent for automatic TIG welding machine, and have contributed to the development of the welding service industry by developing many types of welding machines.
Under the situation where the welding field is evaded, our welding machines help the industry be converted to higher industries and replace high-quality overseas equipment and are easy to be used by small and medium-sized enterprises.
It is designed and manufactured in user friendly, so it is easy to manage the welding process and followup, and we are doing our best to supply good products with trust and credit by complying with our promises with customers. With accumulated technology and know-how, we are trying to grow into a company that is expanding to the world.