Programable Control System and Power Source

Programable Control System and Power Source

A programmable welding controller (P-10 ver-3) was developed indigenously for users to enable beginner welders to perform automatic welding by directly inputting with a welding program (WPS) even without specialized knowledge. It supports Korean and English and can be applied to straight welding and orbital welding, TIG or MIG power welding, synchronizing the wire supply weaving function in an integrated control method.


  • Step (interval) setting and time adjustment
  • Full welding current and pulse current regulation
  • Table rotation and wire feeding speed (set by section)
  • Welding section setting and speed control
  • Simulation
  • Table rotation (straight line) and manual wire feeding
  • Easy welding condition (WPS) parameters-setting
  • Saving and loading welding program
  • Fine control ±30%, (adjusting welding current and pulse current for all sections)
  • Daily output counter
  • Separate operation possible with welding program manager data
  • Saving up to 200 welding programs


Programable controller & touch panel
Input voltage 220 V Single Phase
Input Power 1.0KVA
Welding parameter control(0-10V, digital signal) Current/speed/wire Arc on/off
Quantity of welding programs 200 개
Languages Korean/English
Operation screen 10.1” color touch panel
External switches Up to 6 (emergency sw. included)
TIG Power source (Inverter type)
Input voltage 380V / 220V 3-phase
Input power 18 KVA
Welding current (Pulse&Base current) / duty cycle 5~500A / 50%
Pulse Frequency 0.5~500Hz
Pulse Width 10~85%
Cooling volume 6.5L/min
Cooling tank 12L