Portable Orbital Head(KH-series)

Portable Orbital Head(KH-series)

A TIG-dedicated portable pipe tube welding machine directly developed and manufactured that has an import substitution effect, easiness to use, and excellent durability. Especially, inexpensive and easy for maintenance and after-sale servce.


  • Programmable control, 300A power source applied
  • Welding current TIG 3-200A range 100% utilization rate
  • Welding driving (rotation) speed control for each section
  • Spool type wire supply and speed control
Programable controller & touch panel
Model Tube diameter External dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
KH-S2 Φ20~34mm 90*400*120 4.9
KH-S3 Φ30~80mm 220*420*120 5.8
KH-S4 Φ60~114mm 240*445*120 6.7