Table-type Universal Welding Machine

Table-type Universal Welding Machine

Table-type machine to make objects for pipe welding mounted on the chuck horizontally and easy to control welding position and angle for rotating but weld (elbow/T-shaped pipe/pipe-to-pipe), fillet weld (flange) and orbital weld (T-branch pipe), optimal TIG and MIG weld for plant, torch stand applicable depending on a customer’s demand.


  • T-type elbow-type pipe welding and diameter(20 – 300 mm) and table length after consultation adjustable
  • Torch stand specifications are designed and manufactured according to the welding type.
  • Pipe rotation speed control for each section
  • Precise tightening and rotation using welding chuck
  • Wire feeder basically applied
  • Magnetic welding and AVC applied as options for TIG welding
  • Weaving function option applied when MIG welding
  • Two or more-torch stand applicable