Vertical/Horizontal Welding Machine for Through-Type Turntables

Vertical/Horizontal Welding Machine for Through-Type Turntables

Optimized for comfortable and safe welding by applying a stand, design change through consultation with users applied, applied to welding of fillet and butt weld (butt, flange, elbow, T-type), torch position adjustment and fine adjustment, through-type turntable position/angle adjustment

Welding by rotating the object to be welded, setting the turntable height of the stand according to a customer's request, applicable to a maximum diameter of 300 mm or more, applying the inner diameter through the turntable (maximum diameter 170 mm), suitable for TIG welding, available for MIG


  • Equipped with a through-type turntable of 20-165 mm (1/2-6.0 inch) on the stand. Applied to various welds.
  • Easy setting of welding posture by adjusting the angle of the through-type turntable from 0 to 90 degrees
  • Welding chuck applied to the top plate of the through-type turntable
  • X/y/z-axis and angle adjustment and fine adjustment by torch position adjustment
  • Turntable speed for each section adjustable
  • Long pipes available by applying a guide stand
  • Welding wire feeder included
  • Weaving and AVC function added as options