Developed the driving and jig equipment to perform auto welding for pipe/tube, flange, socket/nipple welding with program controller, while fixing and driving the torch head along the circumference Developed the several type of welding rotators and torch arrangements and with our own solution for better productivity and easy operation.
We provide optimized welding quality through the accumulated welding experience and know-how with many customers along with the self-developed automatic welding machines for the past 15 years. It is an automatic welding machine easy for operation and post-management with the top priority of welding quality and productivity through customer-friendly design and manufacturing. It is an automatic welding machine that contributes to productivity, high-quality and cost savings through the 4th generation program controller and optimized machinery currently supplied

  • Advantages

    • Customized supply to the manufacturing environment
    • Easy for beginners to operate and high quality welding possible
    • Continuously stabilized quality without dependency on professionals
    • Increased welding speed and high-quality highefficiency welding
    • Improving competitiveness and strengthening quality standards
  • Characteristic

    • It creates beautiful and high quality beads in welding, and proves its value in difficult specification standards such as RT inspection.
    • There is no need to rely on highly skilled workers, so it is a great benefit to the company's competitiveness and cost reduction.
    • Automatic welding control function

      Welding by start switch easy to use

      Welding specification (WPC) management easy and program welding available

    • Contributing to production management and process development
  • Expectation

    • Increased productivity

      Saving welding preparation time

      100% efficient welding time and 24-hour production possible with shift work

      Saving defect inspection time with continuous quality stability

    • Significantly reduced welding costs

      Labor cost saving

      Consumable cost reduction (clothing, gloves, welding wire, etc.)

      Reduced general management costs through planned production